Boardroom Pty Limited (formerly known as Registries Limited) has more than 25 years experience providing share registry, investor communication and voting services to Corporate Australia. Our client base ranges across many industry segments and includes a number of high profile ASX companies. We are part of the Boardroom group of companies with offices in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China.

Boardroom Pty Limited is an organisation which prides itself on innovation, exceptional service and the ability to provide a flexible approach in order to meet our clients' needs. It is for these reasons that the profile of Boardroom Pty Limited is growing at a rapid rate.


InvestorServe enables you to view and manage your investments online in a secure manner. It's an effective and convenient way to access your investment details.


EmployeeServe allows employees to view and manage various employee share plan holdings online in
a secure manner.


ClientOnline enables authorised users to view important corporate information in a secure enviroment. Access to ClientOnline is only given to company approved users.


AdviserServe enables authorised advisors to view important client and advisor based information.

NEWS: Effective Monday 4th November 2013, Boardroom is the share registry for Toll Holdings Limited